The Mobi-C Cervical Disc has been designed for cervical disc replacement to restore segmental motion and disc height. The components of Mobi-C include superior and inferior cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy endplates coated with plasma sprayed titanium and hydroxyapatite coating, and a polyethylene mobile bearing insert. The controlled mobility of the patented mobile core is the foundation of Mobi-C, encouraging height restoration and respect of the instantaneous axis of rotation for a return to physiological mobility of the spinal segment.

Patented Mobile Bearing Technology

  • Controlled mobility is provided with a mobile core that can translate up to 1mm on the inferior endplate
  • Designed to facilitate both independent and coupled motions similar to natural cervical spine motion

Product Description

Bone Sparing Technology

  • No bone chiseling, no invasive keels or screws required
  • Intact bony endplates provide a preserved surface that is ideal for two-level implantation
  • Intraoperative flexibility to optimize implant positioning

Ease of Insertion

  • Mobi-C provides one step insertion, with no additional exposure or operative steps required for keel or screw placement
  • Mobi-C comes preassembled on a disposable radiolucent PEEK cartridge